Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Story By My Son Harrison, Age 8

If I was there on Christmas day when baby Jesus was born, I would be so nice to him and his family and I would be so happy if I saw him smile.  I wish I could see Jesus in person.  He is such a good person he would be so nice to me. I would be so nice to him. I would let him play with me and he would let me play with him. We would be bestfriends and play all day. Jesus is a very, very, very, very good person. I love Jesus and God. If I was there I also wish my family was there because even though I am mean to my brothers and sister and they are mean to me, they love me and I love them more.  I love Jesus, God, Mommy, Sydney, Matthew, David, Ralph our cat, Grandma Syd, Grandpa Paul and their cats Prince and Grace. I can't wait to celebrate Jesus's birthday!   By Harrison


Bella Lucille said...

It's so touching. Honest, heartfelt. Keep him writing.


shabbydreaming said...

hoping you had a lovely christmas new year time!!