Sunday, February 13, 2011

Door Wreath

I purchased this wreath in the clearance aisle of Target in September.  It is made of carved wood and it was just a light wood color. I don't think it had any stain to it.  I hung it as it was, and soon Halloween was approaching.  At the time, our front door was white.  I decided to paint the wreath a glossy black for Halloween and I just loved it!  As Christmas approached, I painted it a glossy red.  For New Years, I painted it a rich, dark gold.  Now that Valentine's Day is here, and my favorite color is pink, I painted the wreath a glossy pink and for more contrast I painted our front door a glossy black.  I used pink sheer fabric that I had and sewed some new curtains for the door.  The door required 2 coats of paint and was completed in a few hours.  This wreath can be repurposed over and over again, depending on the occassion, although I plan to keep it pink for a long time!  I love furniture and decor repurposing, which I always saw in a darling store which closed its doors recently called Paris to the Moon.  They had these hanging cherubs that dangled from the ceiling on ribbon and they were always different colors.  I pleaded numerous times with Paul to sell them to me, but even when the store was closing, he said the cherubs were going with him.  I certainly cannot blame him, they were to die for! A helpful tip if you do paint a piece numerous times like my wreath and Paul's cherubs is to use a good primer before adding the new color.  I used a thick white spray primer from Home Depot that covered really well with one coat, and then used 2 coats of glossy pink paint over it. I chose to spray the paint because of the intricate detail work in the wooden flowers.  I do prefer to hand paint with a paint brush for less involved projects.  Whether you hand paint or use a sprayer, primer is always a good idea. I didn't use a sealer because I used exterior paint, but sealer is a good idea too.  Just remember that if you use a matte paint to pick a matte sealer or glossy sealer if you use a glossy paint. I would love to see pictures of items you have repurposed. Please send them to me at and I will post them!