Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog Contest/Pink Wine Stop Give Away

Recently, my friend Anna sent me this post on Facebook:  Hey Jennifer- I have a question I think you could probably answer... Ava's beloved "blankie" is (more than) ready to be "retired"... it is a knit blanket a friend made her 6 years ago and I need some way to "memorialize" it so that we don't just throw it out... do you know of any way to frame it? Keep it? Display it? Something that does NOT include "using" it :) It is frayed and has been "refurbished" too many times... time to say Good Night to blankie... but what do I do with it!?!?!!

Here are pictures of Ava's blanket.  Anna may be interested in having the winner turn Ava's blanket into their winning idea!

I decided it would be great fun to have a contest. Please comment with your ideas on what Anna should do with Ava's blanket. Please be sure to leave your email address too along with your comment. Anna will pick the idea she likes best, and the person who submitted the winning idea will win one of my pink antique wine stops like the one pictured below! I will contact the winner by email and collect your information to send you the wine stop.  Contest ends April 2, 2011.