Friday, February 12, 2010

Pink Valentines With Victorian Ephemera Scrap

I made a few of these as gifts for friends, and then brought in the supplies today to help 32 6th graders make their Valentines. I have 2 pictures below.  These are so pretty and easy to make.

You need:

An 8" wooden heart, available at Michael's and Woodworks Ltd. They are less expensive at $.99 each at Woodworks, compared to Michael's at $1.29 each. Not a big deal but I bought enough for the class so the savings was nice with Woodworks Ltd.

Plain Modge Podge
Glitter Modge Podge
Sponge brushes
Victorian Scrap printed on card stock and cut out


I began by painting all the hearts pink. I only needed one nice coat of interior flat paint.  After it dried, I drilled 2 small holes near the top but carefully and slowly so I didn't split the wood because its thin.  Then I took some pretty cream colored ribbon and tied it through the holes  Next I lay out the Victorian scrap designs I liked and began gluing with the plain modge podge using a sponge brush. You will need to be generous with the glue and press the cardstock down to make sure all the edges are in place.  I saw a few kids put the glue on the wood instead of the paper today, but to really get the paper to stay down, I recommend putting the glue directly to the back of the cardstock. Lastly, I took a clean spongebrush and generously applied the glitter modge podge top to bottom, left to right all over the entire design.  Let it dry and hang it up and Enjoy! They look much more sparkley in person with the glitter modge podge. I had a little trouble capturing the true sheen with my camera, but hopefully you can get a glimpse into how pretty they are.  These were very affordable to make and no two are exactly the same.  Oh and don't be afraid to layer the images and angle them in different directions! Let me know if you make any as I'd love to share your pictures too!

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