Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grandma's Birthday

My mom just turned 66. What better way to celebrate than with a surprise party with her grandchildren! We had balloons, a cupcake pinata (pull string) and Susie Cakes cupcakes that are absolutely delicious! We got 4 flavors: coconut, chocolate, strawberry and lemon. If you live in an area where they have a bakery, they are so worth ordering from and they carry many other flavors!

I made my mom's favorite spinach salad:

1 bag of baby spinach
fresh strawberries, cut and sliced
fresh blueberries
crumbled gorganzola cheese
candied pecans
raspberry balsamic dressing (I like Annie's brand, available at most health food stores)
Toss and serve cold. Pepper to taste, if desired


Jill said...

I make that salad too. Isn't it the best? So refreshing! I always receive compliments on it. I'm sure you do too. Jill :)

Bella Lucille said...

Hi Jill,
Yes, I get compliments everytime I make it too! In fact, my sister has a brand new baby, and I made that salad for her and her husband yesterday and they really loved it. She had to give up soft cheese during her pregnancy so she especially enjoyed it now that she can have cheese again!